rebelión en la zanja

Cumbia transfeminista, tropical, disidente y antipatriarcal


Rebelión en la Zanja is a queer and feminist cumbia band born in September, 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their sound mixes classic latin cumbia with rap and raggaetón, achieving an original combination of those genres.

The scenic proposal of the show mixes catchy and danceable melodies, typical of the cumbia genre, together with an explosive rebellious attitude that captivates the public, awakening feelings of joy and euphoria.

The lyrics of Rebelión en la Zanja tackle different themes: free love, frienship, the rejection to neoliberalism, feminism and the fight for an equal society.

Rebelión en la Zanja performed in large-scale events, including the first “Martes Verde” (2018 and 2019) in front of the National Congress, Uniclub, Palermo Club, CC Matienzo and Teatro Ópera de La Plata, Sur en Vivo, among others. In addition, the band has shared stages with musical groups of international impact such as Kumbia Queers, Mala Fama, Nene Malo, La Delio Valdez, Sudor Marika, Dancing Mood, El Plan de la Mariposa, La Fanfarria del Capitán and Bife.

In 2020 they released their first album A TODO REBELIÓN, recorded between 2018 and 2019, which contains 10 authorship songs, including a song ft. Kumbia Queers (La Playa Tropical) and a song ft. Sudor Marika (Lo Neoliberal).

In August 2021 they released “El Reskate”, a self-produced song, recorded in the band’s home studio. This single begins the band’s second album, which is in recording process.